ACU Scholarships

Outstanding odds. 

 Two overall awards for $2,500 each. 

Arapahoe Credit Union is now accepting applications for our annual scholarship program for the coming school year (2024/2025)!

$5,000 (two total scholarships) are available to our members. The deadline this year is May 17th (we'll announce approximately June 3rd).


Absolutely any graduating senior or returning student to an accredited institution with a membership at Arapahoe CU is eligible. The application process is fantastically simple. Please just fill out the application form and return it along with the required essay to Please note that applications should be submitted electronically (via email in PDF or Word formats).

For an editable Word document, click here.

For a PDF version, click here.

If you are not a current member, you can make yourself eligible using the button below. The process is quick and will make you eligible for the scholarships. The only additional action we require is that you make at least one transaction on your account, but this can be absolutely any transaction. Then, use the above forms to get started!

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The Odds:

We're a small credit union. Last year, the odds of receiving a scholarship were approximately one in twenty. It's worth applying!

If you have any questions, please let us know. The deadline is May 17th

Disclaimer (none of this should be an issue, but we want to be clear): Arapahoe CU reserves the right to make changes to this program. While nothing major should happen, we want to make sure these scholarships are distributed appropriately. So, for example, if we get too many returning students, we may make the decision to award one specifically to a graduating senior. Alternatively, we may add to this program as funds allow. Again, however, any changes will be minor and not alter with the requirements set above. All accounts and corresponding applications are subject to approval at the credit union's discretion based on internal policies.

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