For a printable version of MasterCard Dispute and Error Resolution Process, click/ tap here.

Dispute Card Transaction

If you believe a card transaction on your account is an error or unauthorized by you, we need you to fill out the letter template included with these instructions. Please complete and sign this letter.

Please include with this letter the following information:

  • The reason for the dispute and explain what steps you have taken to resolve the problem with the merchant.
  • The date, dollar amount, and merchant for the transactions in question.
  • Include your signature (must be signed signature, not typed).
  • Please include anything that will help us to be successful in winning your dispute. These can include:

    • Copies of sales drafts
    • Contracts
    • Letter(s) to the merchant
    • Invoices
    • If the merchandise is returned please enclose a copy of the return label, etc.

    You must notify us no later than 60 days after the first statement is mailed to you by the Credit Union on which the error or unauthorized transaction appeared.

    Letters may be faxed, mailed, or dropped off, at the Credit Union. Emails are not allowed unless a signature can be amended on the document.

    We will acknowledge your letter within 10 days by granting provisional credit to your account. Within 120 days we will either correct the error or provide you with a letter as to why the dispute was denied.

    Please Note:

    • If you are disputing an Internet transaction, make sure you notify the site or call their Customer Service department and verify what you have agreed to with the Internet merchant before filing the dispute. This is especially true with recurring debits, as you may have agreed to service you did not realize. Ask the merchant to discontinue or cancel service and issue a credit back to your account. Please provide us with a dated copy of that request
    • If you have guaranteed a hotel or vacation package with your card, and then you cancel and are subsequently charged a “NO SHOW” make sure to provide us with the cancellation number. Without the cancellation number there will be not chargeback rights available to settle the dispute.

    You may telephone us but doing so will not preserve your rights and provisional credit will not be given until we receive the dispute form or your detailed letter.

    For notification form, click/ tap here.

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