We reserve the right to charge these fees, but try to avoid them as often as possible. We have added some notations to help you understand why we have some of these items. ACU is the most recognized credit union in Colorado, and we are a not-for-profit institution, but we still have to maintain the services we provide and fees help us to do that. Many of the below fees actually cost us, on an individual basis, much more than we charge you. In these cases, we are only asking that you help us offset the total cost. In other cases, the fees are there to help avoid account abuse which saves our membership as a whole. Below is everything that you might run into. For unusual items, we try to explain further, but be assured that if we can get around these fees, we will certainly try!

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Deposit/ Checking Accounts
Par Value of 1 Share 
Membership Fee    
Membership Closure First 90 Days
Interest-Bearing Checking
$10. Waived if the balance remains above $500.
Inactive Account    
$10 per month after one year of inactivity.
Overdraft Transfers From Savings    
$1 per transfer
Insufficient Funds (NSF)
$32 per item
Uncollected Funds
$32 per item
Courtesy Pay
$32 per item
Overdrawn Fee
$32 per item
Stop Payment
$32 per item
Stop Payment- Series of Checks
$64 per item
Reopen a Closed Membership
$50 per occurrence
Returned Deposit Item
$40 per item
Return Deposit To/ From Same Member
$50 per item
Check Copy     
$5 per check
Statement Copy     
$5 per item
Paper Statement by Mail    
$5 per statement
Online Statement
Account Reconciliation
$30 per hour
Account Research
$30 per hour
Box of Checks
Prices vary
Holiday Account Early Withdrawal
$25 per withdrawal
Money Market Account Excessive Withdrawal     
$10 per withdrawal (First 6 are free)
Third Party Check Cashing
$20 per check
Check Cashing Fee
3% with a $20 minimum- Only applies if S1 balance is below $100
Foreign Item Collection
$50 per item
Foreign Item Return Fee
$50 per item- plus foreign bank fees
Incoming Collection Item
$50 per item
AcUtransfer Incoming (Account to Account)
AcUtransfer Outgoing (Account to Account)
$1 per item
AcUtransfer Incoming (Personal Payment)
$1 per item
AcUtransfer Outgoing (Personal Payment)
$1 per item
Bill Pay Inactive    
$5/ month after 1 month of inactivity
Loans and Lending
Loan Late Payment
Loan Payment by Credit Card (AcUtransfer Free!)
$7 per payment
2nd Mortgage Late Fee
5% of payment due
HELOC Late Fee
5% of payment due
Loan Subordination
Consumer Loan Refinance
Consumer Loan Modification
1st Mortgage Refinance Fee
1st Mortgage Modification
2nd Mortgage Refinance
2nd Mortgage Modification
HELOC Modification
At Cost
Duplicate Title/ Lien Release/ Title Filing
Mortgage Deed Release
Mortgage Deed Filing
Value Check
Flood Certificate
Ownership and Encumbrance (O & E)
Tax Certificate
Mortgage Guarantee
At Cost
Full Title
At Cost
AcUtransfer Payments and Transfers
Free when making ACU payments
Loan Maintenance/ Coupons   
Loan Document Redraw
2nd Mortgage Processing  
Loan Administration Fee
In-House Auto Refinance  


Cards- All Credit and Debit Cards
Credit Card Late Payment

First Debit/ Credit Card Issue
Card Transaction Dispute Processing Fee
$30 per item
PIN Reissue
$5 per request
Card Replacement
$10 per request
3 Day Rush Order Card/ PIN
$45 for each card &/or PIN request
2 Day Rush Order Card/ PIN
$75 per request
ATM Deposit Correction
$10 per correction
ATM Empty Envelope Deposit
ATM Excessive Usage    
$4 (first five are free)
ATM Deposit Adjustment
$2/ $6
Copy of Sales Draft     
$25 per occurrence


Convenience Services
Gift Cards

$5 per card
Exchange of ACU Member Check for ACU Certified Check
$20 per request
Credit Union Teller/ Cashier Check ($5 Min.)
1 free per day/ $3 for each additional check
Outgoing Domestic Wire
$35 per wire
Outgoing International Wire
$75 per wire
Western Union
$35 per request
On-us Check Cashing (Max $500/ Check)
Garnishment/ Levy Processing
Return Mail/ Bad Address     
$10 per item/ occurrence
Cash Advance (Non-ACU Card)
$10 per advance
Signature Guarantee
$25 per document guaranteed
IRA Administration    
$25 annually
Fax/ Photocopy
$1 per page
Verification of Deposit/ Verification of Mortgage Fee
$10 per item
ACU Identity Safe (Optional/ Default Benefit)    
$1.96 per month
Notary Services
First free/ $10 each following impression
Compliance Review    


Courtesy Pay: Covering payments by the credit union is a discretionary courtesy and not a right of the member or an obligation of the credit union. This privilege for consumer share draft accounts will be limited to a maximum amount of $1,200 (or less, depending on approved limit) balance in the negative. Transaction types that are eligible for courtesy pay include and are limited to: ACH transactions, debit card transactions, and drafts (checks). You must bring your account balance to a positive balance within every 30-day period for a minimum of 24 hours to remain eligible. The credit union, at is sole discretion, can cancel this protection, and cease paying overdrafts at any time wihtout prior notice of reason or cause. Approval is required before being allowed this service. Additionally, this is an "at-will" program. You may opt-out of coverage at any time by contacting the credit union and providing written instructions if necessary. Of note, we offer several levels and various limits to this service (e.g. use for all transactions or just ACH/ check options). To discuss this service or help us customize it for your needs, please contact us.

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