Please note that Internet Explorer has been discontinued by Microsoft. They will no longer be offering the standard updates and this may cause minor online banking issues. 

First off, this is a minor notice. For the most part, Internet Explorer still works fine with online banking. However, we cannot guarantee that this will continue to be the case and it is recommended that you consider switching to Google Chrome or another browser if you ever run into issues.

Users of Microsoft Edge (Explorer's replacement) do not need to worry about this. Essentially, anyone using a new tablet or computer won't have the update issue mentioned here. Additionally, current users of Chrome, Safari, Firefox or any other browsers can disregard this message and carry on to your Online Banking through the button shown below. That said, if you would like to switch browsers now, a link has been provided below.

Please note that these buttons will redirect you to the appropriate site. Each site is owned and operated by the parent company and subject to their own terms and conditions.

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