Student Loans

Credit Union Student Loans

Smart Option Student LoanĀ®

In partnership with Sallie MaeĀ®...

We can now help with student loans!

We are happy to offer credit union student loans to our membership. Competitive rates and special features make this an ideal supplement for students at degree-granting insitutions.

To apply, you can click here or tap on the button to the right. This'll get you to more details or get you started when you are ready.


Some of the benefits include*:

  • A range of rates and options. Fixed or variable with several payment plans.
  • Co-Signer release options!
  • Potential interest rate reductions.
  • Borrow up to 100% of your attendance costs.
  • A quick, fifteen minute application process.

*Please note: All of our processes are meant to get you into the right product for your needs. You will likely want to review the next page if you have any questions or want specific details. If you have any questions, please call us. We can help you sort everything out if it seems confusing.