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Beyond the loan, we can protect your investment.

Having additional protection may absolutely be the right decision for you. Having it at half the cost through Arapahoe CU is just a bonus!

GAP GAP Car Insurance

GAP insurance is a must for any new car purchase since the new car's value drops significantly the moment it is driven off the lot. If you purchase a used car and need to borrow more than the car is valued, GAP insurance protects you as well. In the case of an accident, GAP insurance coverage can cover the difference between the value of the car and your loan balance.

*These are one of the best decisions you can make. We provide these plans, generally, for less than half the cost of a dealership. However, some cases are excluded. Because of the cost, we are unable to offer coverage on vehicles older than 25 years (1988) and the loan-to-value cannot exceed 150%. We have to say this, but it is incredibly rare when a situation like this happens.

Credit Life and Credit Disability

Credit Union Disability Insurance

Credit Life and Credit Disability insurance protects you and your family from financial burdens in the event of loss of life or a disability. Members can conveniently add Credit Life and Credit Disability premiums to their monthly loan payment. Enrollment is easy and there are no health questions asked.

MEMBERS® Auto & Homeowners Insurance Auto and Homeowners Insurance

Being a member of Arapahoe Credit Union may qualify you for discounted rates on your home and auto insurance. By partnering with CUNA Mutual, ACU helps provide affordable protection for our members and their families through a trusted and reliable source. Find out more by visiting the MEMBERS® Auto & Homeowners Insurance Program.

Route 66 Warranty Coverage for Any Vehicle

Arapahoe Credit Union has partnered with Route 66 vehicle warranties to provide you protection and pWarrantyeace of mind without dealer markups. For a fraction of the normal cost, you can cover your vehicle no matter how old or how many miles. Add coverage to any vehicle— even if it is already paid off. You can give that hand-me-down car to your college student worry free or you make sure that your daily driver stays that way!

*Very few vehicles are excluded. The Land Rover, for one, but, again, these examples are few and far between. Older vehicles might be excluded, but it's definitely worth asking about. Some limitations may apply.