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Financial education is an often neglected skill that continues to become more important. Arapahoe Credit Union is here to help people become better consumers.

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Credit Union EducationOur financial education program is among the most renowned in the country. We meet all Colorado standards and criteria for classroom instruction and
have made ourselves available at no cost to local schools, organizations, and individuals. Our Director of Financial Education is more than happy to bring our services to you where we can save you time, money and effort through the most professional services available.

Financial Education Program

It isn’t uncommon for people to miss out on one of the most crucial skills for a successful life. As such, we have developed an education program designed to accommodate any age group from adolescence through adulthood. Our program uses various tools and resources to engage and interact with the audience. Our focus is to develop the financial knowledge necessary to handle real life situations.

Financial Education Topics

FInancial Education Information

Whether you’re looking for information regarding budgeting, credit principals, or cyber safety, we’ve got it covered! While we can customize a program for you, below you can see the most common topics...

Financial Education Topics

  • What Ever Happened to Peter? Discover new budget and savings
    methods to avoid living paycheck to paycheck and robbing Peter to pay Paul.
  • How Much Was That Pizza? Keep track of your checking account to avoid paying $440 for a $13 pizza.
  • Meet Your Identical Twin! Are you sure there is no one out there using your personal information? Avoid becoming the next identity theft victim
  • Gone in 60 Seconds! What happens when you don’t pay your bills on time? Understand how the world of credit impacts your lifestyle.
  • Credit Union’s Are Cool! Why are we better than other financial institutions?
  • Save Our Planet and Go Green! Learn how to bank better and save time when paying bills and checking balances using online banking.
  • Stop the Madness and Show Me the Money! Did you know your daily spending habits will end up costing you $400,000? Double your nest egg by saving and investing now versus later.
  • Darn! I Should Have Done My Homework! Get the latest tips on purchasing your next car and avoid becoming a car payment shopper.
  • Become an Expert E-Banker! Keep up with technology and learn how to keep your personal information safe by learning the ins and outs of online banking, bill pay, and mobile banking.

Our Partners

College Invest

Arapahoe Credit Union builds relationships with other organizations that share our goals. We help bring together a community of financial experts to make sure that you have the best tools and the most up-to-date information.

Colorado Council for Economic Education
The mission of the Colorado Council for Economic Education (CCEE) is to meet this need by
promoting and improving economic literacy in Colorado’s schools. The most effective way to
provide economic education to the largest number of students is to enhance the knowledge of
their teachers. The Colorado Council for Economic Education accomplishes its mission by offering a wide variety of economics classes for teachers and providing teachers with numerous economic education curriculum resources for their classroom.

Colorado Jump$tart Coalition
The Colorado Jump$tart Coalition is a nonprofit organization with more than 30 organizations
and individuals representing business, government and education throughout the state of Colorado. The coalition has joined together to improve the personal financial literacy of Colorado youth by:
  • Raising awareness of personal financial literacy.
  • Enhancing professional development of Colorado educators on financial literacy issues.
  • Coordinating and promoting communication and cooperation among coalition members.
  • Supporting personal financial education legislation.

Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City, Denver Branch
The Federal Reserve System was created in 1913 following an era marked by financial panics
and economic depressions. Its principal goal then was economic stability. This goal is still important today, along with current objectives such as stable prices, high employment, and economic growth. The mission of the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City is to contribute to the development of monetary policy and foster the stability, integrity, and efficiency of the financial and payments systems so as to promote optimal economic performance. In addition to working toward these aims through its conduct of monetary policy, the Federal Reserve is a bank for banks, a bank for the U.S. Government, and a supervisor and regulator of banks. The Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City offers educational resources on its site at:

Junior Achievement
Junior Achievement - Rocky Mountain, Inc. is promoting self-sufficiency and preserving the spirit of free enterprise. We are creating a generation of kids who are inspired to pursue higher education, financially literate, ready to enter the workforce, and possess an entrepreneurial spirit. This is accomplished by serving as the link between business and education. Volunteers from the business community are connected to classrooms, where they serve as role models and share their professional experiences with students. Our programs - which focus on financial literacy, work readiness and entrepreneurship - are proven to work, and are always free to schools. During the 2010-11 school year, 3500 dedicated volunteers will bring JA programs to 100,000 young people in 525 schools throughout metro Denver, Northern Colorado and Wyoming.
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National Endowment for Financial Education (NEFE) High School Financial Planning Program®
NEFE HSFPP is an award-winning program that has educated millions of students all across the country for well over thirty years. HSFPP is solely funded by the National Endowment for Financial Education® (NEFE), and is offered in partnership with CUNA. Hundreds of local credit unions in every state have used NEFE HSFPP to bring financial education into their local high schools. This program teaches important life skills, is flexible and easy to use, was created by top educators and financial professionals, and is available at no cost. All program materials are free of charge and teacher training programs are available. Teachers also have access to an ever expanding supply of classroom resources found on the program Web portal.

Financial EducationFinancial Toolbox

Arapahoe Credit Union exists to provide our members a full range of quality financial services at no or low cost. In addition to our trained and knowledgeable staff, we provide a number of tools to help you regardless of your situation. We also offer education presentations to any group, organization or school.


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Please note: Some of these links are to outside sources. All are fantastic tools, but other sites are operated by their respective companies and organizations.

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Financial literacy and education research is critical to improving the financial futures of our community. ACU is proud to offer additional information to help our members face various challenges.

Articles for a solid foundation...

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Awards, Accomplishments and Points of Pride

Arapahoe Credit Union has created a renowned program that continually tops the national stage for successful education. We have helped set the standard for financial literacy.

Arapahoe Credit Union— A Teachers’ Credit Union

Teachers Credit UnionArapahoe Credit Union was founded in 1937 by local teachers. 75 years later and our core support is still with educators and administrators from around Arapahoe County. In that time, we have maintained our community outreach team and used our financial expertise to educate residents and make them better, more informed consumers. Now, especially, we feel it important to make sure our community is well-armed for financial success.

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