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Flexible, convenient, and backed by personal service.

ACU savings accounts are fully customizable and versatile enough to help you reach any goal. Additional management tools are always available.

Basic Colorado Savings Arapahoe Credit Union can offer any number of individual customized savings accounts. Moreover, we will help you align these with your overall life goals. If you want to work towards yearly vacations, we can help you. If you want to put money aside for school, no problem. If you just need an emergency fund, we can work for that one too.

ACU Savings Accounts

Chief benefits:

  • No minimum balances
  • No maintenance fees
  • Easily accessible via phone, internet, service centers and in-branch
  • Easily organized
  • Earn interest on balances over $25

Best uses: Perfect for smaller saving goals. For larger projects, you might consider a money market.

Emergency Savings Larger Savings Customized Savings

Each Arapahoe Credit Union account automatically comes with a primary savings account (S1), but there is no reason to limit yourself to the idea of “just saving.” We can divide these up in any number of ways and organize them however you like. When you set up your direct deposit we will also be able to automatically divide your paycheck. Each of these accounts can also work with our $wipe and $ave program and build automatically with each transaction you make!

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Basic Colorado Savings Arapahoe Credit Union also offers money market accounts which work like a cross between a checking and a standard savings. You can increase your interest earned while also being able to transact more freely.

ACU Money Market Accounts

Chief Benefits:

  • Earn a higher rate of interest on balances over $1,000
  • Extremely easy to access via phone, internet, check, ACH, service centers, or in branch
  • Flexible, convenient with no maintenance fees
  • Up to six no-limit withdrawals each month
Best uses: Perfect for larger dollar amounts (over $1,000) that you need to keep accessible. If you don’t need regular access, you might consider a CD to get a higher rate.

Long-Term Savings Long Term Savings Money markets are fantastic when you are housing larger dollar amounts that you might also need access to. You can have several money market accounts and still customize your savings, but you also get some features of a checking account as well. Money markets can also be used as an emergency overdraft account.

Rates and Disclosures

Holiday Savings AccountsWorking in the financial industry makes it easy to see just how important and stressful the holiday season can be. To help, we have a specific account type meant to help prepare for what can become an expensive few months.

ACU Holiday Savings Accounts

Chief Benefits:

  • Earn more interest than standard savings accounts
  • Help lock your savings down to reduce temptation
  • Your funds open up each year to start the holiday season!

Best uses:

Perfect for people who need a bit of help saving for the holidays each year. If you think you might need regular access, you might consider a custom savings account instead.

Arapahoe Credit Union Account Center Holiday savings accounts are unusual because they strongly encourage you to not use the funds until they become available in October. How it works is we give you an open deposit account for use throughout the year. You can put money in at any time or have it automatically distributed if you use direct deposit. However, you cannot draw from those funds like you can other accounts. For up to twelve months you build on this savings. Then, on October 1st the entire account gets transferred over to your primary saving for you to use however you want.

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Account Savings ToolsArapahoe Credit Union’s savings accounts come with everything you need to effectively manage your finances. Along with the safety and security of one of Colorado’s top rated institutions, we have a series of tools meant to make your life easier.

Free Direct Deposit

Simplified money management starts here. When you have your check automatically deposited into the credit union, it will be the first thing processed the business day we receive it. You don’t have to mess with bringing a check in, deposit holds or any other inconveniences.

Free Debit Cards*

When combined with a checking account, we are able to offer a completely free debit card that will access almost 30,000 CO-OP ATMs nationwide. These cards are secured against fraud and give you safe account access.

Free Bill Pay*

Our online bill pay provider is the largest in the nation and will help you pay quickly and on time. Automate or authorize payments as you go, it is up to you. What you can count on is simplified bills and safer transactions (your checking account number is never out there for criminals to pick up). Registering is easy.

Account Alerts

Now, you can have your account let you know when something is happening. Our online banking will send you either text or email alerts whenever your selected event happens. You can know immediately if your deposit is in or if your mortgage is paid. You can also set it up to let you know when you are running low on funds or if something unusual is happening. If you need help, try this.

Arapahoe Credit Union Finance Tools Free Mobile Banking

Mobile banking is another layer of convenience ready to bring your account management into the 21st century. You can do most of your basic banking, including most transfers, directly from your mobile device. We offer both text based and smart phone platforms so that Mobile Banking is within reach of almost everyone. We don’t charge for this service, but your cell provider might. If you need help let us know or you can get detailed instructions here.

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Tricks to Get Ahead

One of the most powerful tricks we’ve seen to help people get ahead is “pay yourself first” and it is one that we can easily help you get started with. For example, when you have a direct deposit coming to your account here, we can automatically distribute your money into any number of custom accounts that you like. Instead of having to manually move anything around, we do it for you. You would be surprised how much psychological value something like this has. Another option is to integrate $wipe and $ave to help you build one of your accounts— It makes balancing your checking easy as well.

An automated and custom savings example from one of our staff members:

Arapahoe Credit Union

Of course, we can customize your accounts for whatever goal you have. Let us know how we can help you get started.

Our Savings Accounts...

Please note: While all of our savings accounts are incredibly versatile, there are some regulations that, as a financial institution, we have to follow. Essentially, you can only withdraw from this account 6 times in a calendar month. If you think you might go over this, you might consider an interest-bearing checking account instead.


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Our Savings Accounts...

Please note: While all of our savings accounts are incredibly versatile, there are some regulations that, as a financial institution, we have to follow. Essentially, you can only withdraw from this account 6 times in a calendar month. If you think you might go over this, you might consider an interest-bearing checking account instead.


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Our Holiday Accounts...

Please note: Holiday savings accounts are given a special, higher rate than other similar savings account and are not meant to be used throughout the year. A $25 early withdrawal fee will apply if you have to draw on your funds early. If you think that might be a problem, you might consider a custom savings account instead.


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Our Debit Cards and Bill Pay...

Our debit cards and Bill Pay product do require a checking account to work. However, both all of these items are free and easy to set up. While there are rare instances where we cannot offer every product, we are also very good about working with our community to make sure they get absolutely everything we can provide. Please, Contact us with any questions.


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