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Notaries, negotiables and other services.

Arapahoe Credit Union will provide any tools we can to our members. This includes free notary services, money orders and other assistance.

Transaction and Monetary Services (Negotiables)

Prepaid Gift Card

For weddings, graduation, birthdays and any other gift giving occasions…get them what they really want, a Visa Gift Card!  This card is welcome at over 1 million retail stores and restaurants in the US that accept Visa cards. Each is available for a three dollar fee with no upkeep charges.


Cashier’s Checks

Cashier’s checks are certified funds, which means that the check is guaranteed. These are useful with large purchases, home closings and when you don’t want to carry around large amounts of cash. We provide the first cashier’s check per day to our members free of charge.

Money Orders

Money orders are an alternative to cashier’s checks and can provide another way to pay bills. These are also considered guaranteed and can be used in place of personal checks.

Cash Advance Services

Both of our branches are equipped to provide cash advances from both Visa® and Mastercard®. Even if your card is not issued by ACU, bring it to us to quickly pull funds from other accounts.

Please note: Non-members may be subject to a service center fee schedule for some of these items. If you are unsure, you can see Service Center Fee Schedule here.

Transfer and Deposit Services

Wiring and Western Union

We are also able to wire funds for our members. While there are some restrictions,wires are a good backup for normal deposits or when money needs to arrive quickly. We also offer Western Union.

Automatic Payments and Transfers

Arapahoe Credit Union can help you to manage your money in a number of ways. Members often prefer their transfers to be taken care of without ongoing maintenance. If this is you, please let us know and we will be glad to set something up for you. You can also do this in on-line banking.

Direct Deposit

Consider the convenience of having your paycheck deposited directly into your account at Arapahoe Credit Union. There is never a charge on our side and this will prevent you from having to make those late Friday banking runs. Click here for a copy of our direct deposit form to give to your employer.

Cards and Other Conveniences

Notary and Signature Guarantees

Arapahoe Credit Union makes sure to have notaries available for our members at all times and we make sure that the basic notary service comes at no cost. Additionally, we have several staff members able to provide signature guarantees.

Please note: Non-members may be subject to a service center fee schedule for some of these items. If you are unsure, you can see Service Center Fee Schedule here.

Route 66 Warranty Coverage for Any Vehicle Warranty

Arapahoe Credit Union has partnered with Route 66 vehicle warranties to provide you protection and peace of mind without dealer markups. For a fraction of the normal cost, you can cover your vehicle no matter how old or how many miles. Add coverage to any vehicle— even if it is already paid off. You can give that hand-me-down car to your college student worry free or you make sure that your daily driver stays that way!

*Very few vehicles are excluded. The Land Rover, for one, but, again, these examples are few and far between. Older vehicles might be excluded, but it's definitely worth asking about. Some limitations may apply.